Thermal Solar Water Heater Project Begins

As the thermal solar project at Lynn Auto Repair begins , I want to explain the system. I have purchased the main components of the system. They are as follows; a 30 Vacuum Tube collector, flat roof mounting kit, 40 gallon heat exchange water heater and a work station kit. The work station includes a liquid pump, controller, display panel, expansion tank, sight glass-flow meter, pressure gauge and pressure release valve.

Quick Summery

This system is a Closed loop, active (with pump), collector with a 30 vacuum tube (Heat pipe evacuated tube type), indirect system (collector will transfer heat through a liquid loop) and a 40 gal. solar hot water tank with heat exchanger.

So far I have only removed the old water heater and installed the new solar water heater. I have been studying the different types of collectors and systems and gathered together this [[|web page HERE]]. This system is classified as a vacuum tube, glass-glass, heat pipe evacuated tube, active (has a pump), indirect (or called split or closed loop) and pressurized.
There is still all the solar part left to do. I am still figuring out how to: do the wiring with the 3 temperature sensors, need to order the propylene glycol, should I add a air purger, a tempering valve, non-return check valve etc? I have found in the past on projects to learn as much as possible then find someone who has done it before and ask the questions.

The gentleman I purchased the 4 parts from is Marshall Pan. He owns a diamond cutter company in Chesterfield, MO called Applied Diamond Tools. He started a new company called [[|First Solar Products]] . I asked how he got into the solar business. He said 2 reasons. One, where he is from in China most people have had thermal solar water heaters on the top of their apartments for many years and he decided the USA is ready for solar heaters, with energy prices going up. Second, his father owns a bearing factory in China and is friends with people who own a solar company, so he has access.