Solar Project Reasons

Big plans are now set for changing the Saturn to a Solar Powered Car. No panels on the hood, top and trunk. Actually plan to install a 7.2 kwh solar system on the repair shop at Lynn Auto Repair, Jackson TN and charge the [[|EV Saturn]] off it. That still would make it a Solar Powered Vehicle.Renewable Energy Wind Powered CarRenewable Energy Wind Powered Car
Installing a charging system with solar panels on the moving vehicle is impractical not only because: it would probably add more drag then energy assistance, it would take panels extending in all directions to fully charge the EV and third because of the added weight and space used. So one can chose from a battery pack solar system to store the excess wattage or grid tie system and sell the excess back to the electric company. The grid-tie system is the most practical even without the government incentives. These government incentives are huge now in 2009!

Let me say something first of all. I do not like big government. I do not like the government bailouts, farm subsides and all this green money they are throwing around. Let me say something second of all. I will except their money(our money). I look at it this way the rules are changing, socialism is here. I do not embrace it but have to work with it. In any kind of business I could refuse any assistance and let everyone else accept it. I would lose, be out of business and they would have a chance to survive. New rules, new money. Socialism. Got that out of the way.

I am saying it is not all about economics. I am not a tree hugger but there are other factors in my decisions. Like: maybe it is not all a conspiracy, that maybe the world is using more fossil fuel than it is finding new. That 6 billion people will be 12 billion in a few decades, all needing energy. That over 50% of our oil is coming from countries, many are supporting those who want to kill us. This huge negative trade balance is hurting our country. Now straight to the economic side. This is very important. A 7.2kwh grid tie system will cost me $30,000, if I install most of it and have a local solar company wire it and tech support. TN has a [[|40% solar grant]] that makes the $30,000 drop to $18,000. The Feds have a [[|30% tax CREDIT]] which changes the $18,000 to $12,600. The grid-tie system should produce 8877 kwh a year. TVA pays $.12 over the charge rate which is $.10 a kwh now (June 2009). So 10 plus 12 equals $.22 a kwh of all produced (including what I use) X 8877 is $1952.94 a year. The total cost of system of $12,600 divided by output of $1952.94 is 6.45 years (payoff, ROI, or return on investment). Tell me why this will not work?