Pipe Insulation, Types of Solar Thermal

Here we will begin comparing different options, choices, issues & types of pipe insulation.
Polyethylene Pipe InsulationPolyethylene Pipe Insulation
Some things to consider:
• Insulation valve
• UV resistance
• Longevity
• resistance to copper pipe corrosion
• maximum heat resistance
• water and weather resistance
• mold & bacteria resistance
• Neatness (like a tape flap and or adhesive)
• toxicity in a fire
• condensation control
• leeching of chlorine
• mice resistance

Some Choices
• PE or Polyethylene Foam
• PU Polyurethane
• EPDM rubber or Synthetic Elastomer or (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber)
• Fiberglass
• Calcium Silicate
• Mineral Wool
• XPS Extruded Polystyrene
• Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation